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Mobile Dog Grooming McDonough

Simply put, it feels great to see your dog looking their best.  

Mobile Dog Grooming  McDonough, Georgia

Are you a doggy dad or mom near McDonough, Georgia? If you have been looking for a mobile dog grooming service that comes straight to your door, we are the solution you've been searching for.


Our customers LOVE our affordable rates and how we take tender care of dogs.

YES, we are a full service mobile dog grooming service. From baths and cuts to nail trimming and anal glands, we take care of it all right in the front of your home.


There's nothing like knowing for certain your dog is nearby and being cared for. From short fluffy types like the Shih Tzus to the gentle giants like German Shepherds, if you need a groomer that takes cares for your dog like you do, you've come to the right place.

We have no limits on dog size, breeds, or age: young or old, big or small, we can handle your dog grooming needs.

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Grooming  Services

The grooming service your dog will experience comes from our signature selection services . They include bathing, brushing, eyes, ears, facial, paws and pads. Your pet will enjoy:

  • Bathing - all natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free shampoos; cream rinse conditioner included as needed. Specialty shampoos (oatmeal; hypoallergenic; silk protein, etc.) available -- or provide your own.

  • Eyes & Ears gently cleaned - ear hair plucked upon request.

  • Hand Blow Drying & Brushing - no cage dryers ever.

  • DeShedding Shampoo service - (Upon request).

  • Feet & Paw Pads Neatened, Nails Trimmed - clip & file nails.

  • Sanitary Area Trimmed - if needed.

  • Flea Dipping - Upon request.

  • Anal Glands - expressed only by special request (external procedure)

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