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Mobile Dog Grooming Atlanta

Simply put, it feels great to see your dog looking their best.  

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Flexible Services

Every pet is unique, your grooming services should be too. From green products to expertly trained hands, we have solutions to fit your needs. 


Convenient Scheduling

Your life is busy, so why not let a professional groomingg team take care of your needs at the times that work best for you.

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Affordable Rates

We offer custom packages to fit any budget. Whatever your needs, we'll find a solution to make it work for you.


Do you have a pet that's looking a little shaggy?
Share a few details with us about your pet grooming needs and we'll get you a free, no-obligation estimate right away.

What grooming services do you need?

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YOUR  #1  Atlanta Mobile Dog Grooming Service

Welcome to Exclusive Paws Mobile Dog Grooming!

Avoid the stress and inconvenience of taking your pet to a shop. Exclusive Paws Mobile Dog Grooming will come to your home or business and groom your pet in a fully equipped van.

We specialize in difficult dogs that have a hard time in shops due to many behavioral problems. Your pet won’t have to sit in a cage stressing for several hours without food or water and most grooming takes less than 1 hour to complete.

  • Are you tired of driving your pet to and from the groomer and then waiting up to 4 hours or more for them to be groomed?

  • Do you want the SAME GROOMER to take care of your pet each time?

  • Are you tired of dirtying your car taking your dog to the shop?

  • Do you want a groomer that uses FRESH water to bathe your pet; not dirty "grey" water like most mobile salons?

  • Before you call a traditional pet grooming service, contact us and learn why Exclusive Paws Mobile Pet Grooming is right for you and your family pet.

Exclusive Paws Mobile Dog Grooming knows how to carefully pamper your pets. We are full service Mobile pet groomers. We come to you and your pet. No matter what size your dog is or how long your cats hair. We bathe and brush and pluck and clip.

Caring Groomers.

We only hire experienced, kind, and gentle professionals who have been trained in the best techniques on how to offer expert care for all breeds of dogs.


We want to be your groomer for life, and that means we becoming just another friend your dog or cat sees every few months. Our job is to help them relax & enjoy the experience. Search for us online under Mobile Dog Grooming Atlanta. Now serving the Jonesboro and East Point Camp Creek areas!

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We're pet parents too! That's why we created a signature mobile dog grooming experience that we'd want for our own pets. There is no waiting around in cages for hours, and we avoid loud noises and distractions that may disturb your pet.


From Atlanta midtown to MacDonough, Stockbridge and Brookhaven to Jonesboro. As your Atlanta mobile dog grooming partner, our primary concern is the well-being of your furry friend.


Frequently Asked Questions
Why try mobile grooming?

Q: How is mobile grooming better than an brick and mortar shop?

A: Mobile dog grooming services are a great way to keep your pet looking and feeling their best.

Mobile dog groomers are a convenient and easy way to get your pet groomed without having to leave the house. You can schedule an appointment with a mobile dog groomer service that will come to you, at your home or office, or at another location of your choosing. A mobile dog groomer will come equipped with everything they need for grooming and bathing your pet, including shampoo and brushes. This means no more lugging heavy equipment around the house or trying to find places where you can wash your pet with soap and water.

The best thing about mobile dog grooming is that it saves time for both you and for the animal being groomed. Your pet will be in good hands while you go about your day.

Q: What do people like most about mobile dog grooming?

A: Pets are a part of the family and they deserve to look their best. When you take your dog to a shop for grooming, they are usually wainting around in cages until it's their turn. This can cause a lot of stress on a dog, and our clients love that there is no waiting. Also, there are some jobs that can be hard for the pet owner to do themselves, like grooming their dog. That’s why mobile dog groomer services exist. They provide the convenience of coming to your home for grooming services, which means you don’t have to go anywhere or worry about finding time to schedule an appointment.

Q: Will the groomer have to come into my house?

A: There is no need for us to go your home.The entire grooming experience takes place within the mobile grooming van. There is no mess for you to clean up. We take care of the details, you just sit back in your home while we care for your dog from the convenience of your driveway.

Q: Isn't mobile dog grooming expensive?

A: Actually, mobile grooming is often more affordable than traditional storefront grooming because we don't have nearly as much overhead; so we can pass those savings on to our clients through competitive prices. Plus, when you consider the cost of gas, the time it takes to drop off, and then pick up, mobile grooming often ends up being more affordable in multiple areas.

We Use Safe and Organic Products

These are the reasons why

When you think about the kids, pets, and guests that enjoy the space you've made into a home, it becomes clear that keeping it clean means more than using cleaners to disinfect a space.

Many studies have proven that the wrong chemical cleaning products can do significant harm to the health of people and animals. Some of the consequences of using such products include allergic reactions, skin irritations, and respiratory problems. 


Our mobile grooming services are eco-friendly, and we only use products that are:

  • Nontoxic

  • No harmful fumes

  • Hypoallergenic

  • No volatile organic cleaning compounds

  • Formulated without hazardous chemicals

We're very proud to serve the Greater Atlanta areas, including Brookhaven, Jonesboro, McDonough, East Point Camp Creek, Midtown, and Stockbridge.

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